Monday, 16 December 2013


Images from this utterly intriguing site-specific project at the Spode Factory in Stoke -  the most exciting exhibit at The British Ceramics Biennial.

Wandering around this vast, redundant factory site on a depressing, grey November day further added to weight of the atmosphere and profound feeling of loss.  

An exploration was made of the residual aspects of abandoned industry, which challenged our perceptions, expertly drawing attention to the residual traces of a once thriving factory and its workforce.

Works by artists associated with the larger, on going project curated by Neil Brownsword and Helen Mydland in association with Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB) Norway, included film of Northern Soul dancers jiving in the in the Directors hall, Camera Obscurers made from redundant plaster moulds,  and vistas of inaccessible areas of the factory.

However what really grasped me were the most benign aspects of this place (the sort of things that tend to preoccupy my attention generally). 
These played with my perceptions. Unintentional observations or deliberate interventions??

Staff Pinboard - minus content, apart from a 
trace of a 'SITUATION VACANT'  notice.

Workers shoes abandoned,
 impregnated with dust.

Budlia with an ephemeral dusting of  
ceramic dust
 - weeds beginning to take hold.



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