Monday, 16 December 2013


I'm starting to think about a suitable mode of display for the plates.
I saw these outsized, armatured magnifying glasses in a window display at  H&M a while ago.

These Copper Mirrors by a Norwegian design partners Hunting and Narud were shown as part of London Design Festival 2013.
The idea of using a frame which pivots appeals, as it would accommodate the need for them to be adjustable according to changes in light source.

Featured in Dezeen Magazine September 2013

In 14 Rooms upended 2005 Richard Wentworth installed a series of carefully 
positioned mirrors, part reflective, part transparent into the formal spaces of Felbrigg Hall, encouraging visitors to view the house from different perspectives. His work bears a strong resonance with what I have been trying to achieve with my recent work.

Helen Maurer uses combinations of glass, light and overhead projections to create her site specific installations.

I have used digital projections in previous work and will use this medium in the future to project blocks of coloured light onto ceramic objects.

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