Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Spike Island

Following LIGHTSHOW at the Hayward Gallery, earlier in the year I was eager to get down to Spike Island for David Batchelor's current exhibition which explores his ideas about colour, line, space and perception in both his drawings and paintings from the past twenty years.

Visually the 'white cube' space of Spike's Gallery provided an excellent arena for these works. Unfortunately Batchelor in conversation with exhibition curator Andrea Schlieker, was a little less successful as it was given in the inner gallery, surrounded by his 'blob' paintings. Experiential maybe, but sadly an acoustic disaster. I hope to add a link to a podcast of the lecture soon.  

The exhibition covered four main areas:

The colour and monochromatic drawings and paintings which have informed Batchelor's sculptural and installation works over the past two decades. 

The October Drawings, a series of drawings displayed together in a side gallery. 

and his most recent 'blob' paintings, pools of poured gloss paint on plinth-like solid black rectangles.

Seeing the work in this exhibition confirmed how vital it is to continue to allow my work to flow seamlessly between 2D and 3D, for one to continue to inform and influence the other boundlessly. 


Finally, and of most relevance to my own work, Batchelor has apparently also been seduced by, in this case, shards of coloured glass. This carries an obvious resonance with my research which examines the combination of reflected daylight and coloured acrylic.

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