Wednesday, 18 January 2012


It's around this time of year that the newspapers
and magazines publish their 'best of the year' selection.
Here are my ten best charity shop buys of 2011.

Beautiful Welsh Blanket to add to my collection.
St.Peter's Hospice
Contemporary ceramic 'coral 'object.
I had been coveting this for a while in a local interiors shop.
Amazingly it turned up in...
Save the Children
Pair of Japanese cups with Eggshell Lithophane 
'Quizzical Geisha' image. I am totally intrigued 
by this method of producing images 
within the clay body giving this ethereal quality.
 I will explore this technique in my future work.
Junk Shop 
West German vase, with wonderful thick lava glaze.
 Carboot Sale
Studio Coffee Pot, hand thrown. Looks scandinavian.
Blue Domino Ware teapot and cruet made by
T.G Green & Co. Ltd.
Salvation Army 

West German Vase 1970's.
Save the Children

'Mr.Wolf' Pelham puppet.
St.Peter's Hospice
Wonderful Welsh blanket cape.
Probably circa 1970's.
St.Peter's Hospice
 'Magic City' storage jars with transferred
 design and wooden
lids, designed by Susan Williams-Ellis
 for Portmeirion in 1966.
Save The Children

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