Saturday, 7 January 2012


Last week I made a research field trip to the charity shops of Honiton, Devon. Last time I visited around twelve years ago, the High Street of this small Devonian Town was full of Antique shops....a very different retail experience this time....Honiton now boasts no fewer than nine chazzers (charity shops). Needless to say, I managed to make several charitable donations along the way.

I've been looking out for a tripod for my new camera and thought
 I'd stuck lucky here, but on closer inspection, the one seen here in
 the window didn't have adjustable legs.

Found some lovely hand knitted catnip balls for Darjeeling here.


1930's Handpainted 'Exton' Design Posy Jar
Paintresses working at Honiton Pottery

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  1. pretty in sight.
    Have you found a tripod for your then new camera? I'm sure you've done so by now, since there are many charity shops around the area. Thanks for sharing the link on charity shop guide for tourists. With the cheap price that comes with these items, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and buy the first thing you deemed pretty in sight. Cheers!

    Norman Watkins @ eBay Giving Works