Sunday, 8 January 2012


Cycled down to the docks this morning to see the second part of the Museum Show, curated to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Arnolfini. As a child, mum and I would visit the Arnolfini often. I recall being transfixed by the exhibits that I saw there....I have a vivid memory of being with a gang of other children watching Gilbert & George's 1972  film  'Gordon's makes us drunk'. The film was shown on a continuous loop in the cinema, I remember watching it for what seemed like hours.

"When we opened the Arnolfini, I wanted to put an inscription above the door for people to read as they came in - Enjoy Yourself." Jeremy Rees, Arnolfini founder.

Museum Show Part 2 continues to investigate the the roles museums play in presenting and making sense of our many different histories and cultures. I'm facinated by the idea of these small touring museums. My favourites from round two were:

Danger Museum
Museum of Forgotten History
Museum of Television Culture
The Victoria and Alfred Museum

Museum of Forgotten History
Restored vase
Europe 2011 A.D.
Ceramic and restoration paste

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