Wednesday, 1 January 2014



I visited the Barbican before Christmas to take in this show which concentrates on the dynamic relationship between Pop Art and Design, recognising the dialogue that exists between the two.

The Barbican Centre's 1970's Brutalist architectural style was in it's self was an unexpected delight.

Growing up in this era was such a formative experience and walking around the exhibition really drove that home. Memories of childhood times spent looking around Arnolfini in the early days came flooding home… Gilbert and George, Allen Jones, Peter Blake, they all added to the development of my internal vocabulary, which I now recognise as having a massive influence on my perception of contemporary art and my position within it.

Seeing Peter Blake's Babe Rainbow in the flesh for the first time gave me goose bumps.

My work occupies an ambiguous hinterland between product, art and design.

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